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Window Shopping: How to Make Your Store Window Display Stand Out

January 11, 2021
store window display

Despite the oft-discussed rise in online shopping, how your bricks and mortar store looks is still essential for boosting sales. Studies have shown that 93% of customers make their purchase decisions based on the appearance of the store, underlining just how important proper visual merchandising is.

When it comes to retail store design, your store window display is arguably the most important cornerstone of your strategy. If you want to know how to create a standout window store display that will reel customers in, we have got you covered. Read on to find out the essential store window display ideas that will help your business thrive.

1. Don’t Forget the Glass

With store window displays, business owners often focus solely on merchandise without considering the importance of the window panes themselves. To lure customers inside, you need to make sure that the windows themselves send the right message.

By investing in high-quality, large store window panes, you can make a dramatic statement and make sure that your store is the standout on the block. You can also invest in custom-made window panes that help you deliver on the theme and message that you wish your brand to convey.

2. Have a Focal Point for Your Store Window Display

If you want to know how to design a store window display that works, you need to consider visual psychology. In order to attract the attention of your audience, you need to ensure your display has a centrally-placed focal point that is at eye-level. This could be a standout piece of merchandise, or a quirkily dressed mannequin, for example.

The rest of your display should then radiate out from this focal point, with other items tilted towards the focal point. This will encourage the viewer to take in the whole window display and really pay attention to what you are offering.

3. Have a Consistent Theme

Brand identity is absolutely crucial for marketing success. This golden rule also applies to store window displays. You should always have a consistent theme that a passerby can identify instantly.

This could mean building a winter store window display with a strong theme that draws on popular cultures, such as Narnia or Santa Claus. It could mean taking the themes from your brand and amplifying or exaggerating them in your window display. What matters is that the theme is clear and echoes the personality of your brand.

4. Color Psychology is Key

Finally, it is important to make use of color psychology if you want to encourage your audience to make a purchase. Studies have shown that color schemes have a very strong impact on our feelings and motivations. For example, a deep-blue color scheme might evoke feelings of calm, knowledge, and a desire to learn – ideal for, say, a bookstore.

Colors such as light red and baby pink are thought to trigger desires such as hunger and romance. The color green has been proven to evoke feelings of growth and renewal, ideal for a lifestyle brand. You get the picture.

Level Up Your Store Windows Today

If you want to create a store window display that converts passers-by into lifelong customers, you have come to the right place. At Atlantic Glass, you will find bespoke window pane designs that make your store stand apart from your competitors. Do not hesitate to get in touch today for a free quote.

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