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5 Wonderful Reasons to Get Glass Sliding Doors for Patio Areas

December 17, 2020
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Are you debating whether or not you should get glass sliding doors for patio areas? You won’t be for long. After you read this, you’ll understand what a wise investment these doors truly are.

The fact is, glass sliding doors are chock-full of benefits for your home. They’re more convenient for the outdoor parties you host.

They’re both aesthetically pleasing and functional, thus adding to your property value. And they’ll even save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Ready to learn more? Then check out these awesome benefits of installing glass sliding patio doors.

1. They’re the Best Looking Doors For Your Patio

Admit it: no door looks better leading out to your patio than a glass sliding door. It’s like an extravagantly decorative window that you can walk through.

Glass sliding doors completely change how it feels walking out onto your patio. On the one hand, you could use a door that looks the same as the one that leads into the hallway closet. On the other hand, you could use a wide, glass gateway that leads to the world outside.

2. They’re the Most Functional Doors For Your Patio

It’s nice to have a wide gateway to your patio for backyard barbeques and other parties. At such events, several guests will be entering and exiting through a single doorway to the patio. A wide sliding glass door will help your guests avoid traffic jams.

And what if you want to bring an extra table outside for sandwiches? You’ll be thankful for the wide door in this case, too.

In fact, for this reason, sliding glass doors are a useful addition to your home regardless of where you install them. If you ever need to move furniture into or out of the house, a large, sliding doorway makes this easier.

3. They Showcase Your Patio Instead of Hiding It

Besides, why put all that nice patio furniture and decor outside just to hide it behind a big slab of wood? Use a glass sliding door for your patio and you can show it off to your indoor guests.

Or, admire your patio yourself any time you want. It’s a much nicer view than a solid wall.

4. They’re Safer Than Other Patio Doors

Your glass sliding door also lets you keep an eye on your kids while they play outside. And the locks on these doors are often more secure than standard, non-sliding outside doors. Plus, with most sliding doors, you can put a bar in the track that makes them impossible to open.

5. They’re Energy-Efficient

Technically, this depends on the type of glass that the door is made of. But you definitely can get energy-efficient glass in your sliding door that insulates as well or even better than a wall.

Plus, these doors seal far more tightly than other door types. Most doors have air leaks even when properly weather-stripped.

Then, your conditioned indoor temperature goes right out the door, especially on very hot or cold days. Thus, the money you spend on heating and cooling goes right out the door, too. Specifically, you could be losing up to 20% of your conditioned air to leaks like this.

But glass sliding doors prevent air leaks better than other doors. That keeps your home well-insulated during the most extreme temperatures of the year, saving you money in the process.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors For Patio Areas?

Now that you know, don’t miss out! You, too, can reap these benefits of glass sliding doors for patio areas.

Just call or message us to get started. Contact us here with any questions you have or to get a free quote.

  1. Shammy Peterson

    I loved that you said that you could show off nice patio furniture and decor outside to your indoor guests. This is a great tip for me because I am planning to renovate our house. I am expecting my in-laws to visit us next month, and it would be ideal to have a sliding door that can further enhance our interiors. I would surely find a supplier within the week.

  2. Mats Wolff

    I want to get some sliding wardrobes for my room and my old ones are damaged. I like how you mentioned that glass sliding doors are the best looking for your patio and that they are safer and also energy efficient. Thanks for stating all the benefits of glass sliding doors for your patio and I cant wait to get some for my room!

  3. Luke Smith

    I appreciate it when you mentioned that you can take extra precautions when having a glass door by putting a bar. I’m having my house remodeled soon, because I wanted it to look more modern and minimalistic. That being said, I’ll be sure to find a reputable glass door company near my area.

  4. Amy Saunders

    Ooh la la. I really love it when you emphasized that sliding doors are great in enhancing atmospheric security as well. Since my husband plans to build a patio in our backyard this summer, I think having some additional features would be nice, right? I’ll consult a professional first before any further installation is made.

  5. Mats Wolff

    I agree when you said that walking out onto your patio through glass sliding doors is a whole other experience. I want to replace the siding in my room since there are some holes. I would need to talk to a professional to get a suitable window siding for my room. Thanks for the article!

  6. Amy Saunders

    Hey! I feel more than happy with the fact that glass sliding doors are a great insulation provider altogether. There’s only a few weeks left before the patio outside my neighbor’s house gets completed but he still hasn’t decided on the door design yet. I’ll certainly ask him to find a suitable company to make a proper installation pretty soon.

  7. Aharon Ben

    This post is packed with useful information.Thanks for sharing

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