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The Different Types of Shower Enclosures Explained

February 17, 2021
shower enclosures

From a luxurious master suite to a classic guest bath, there are endless finishes, materials, and designs to choose from, but don’t forget the enclosure that goes around your shower.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current bathroom, it’s important to know about the different types of shower enclosures available to you.

Read on to learn more about these enclosures so you can decide which option will be best for your lifestyle.

Walk-in Showers

A walk-in shower is flush with the floor instead of having a bathtub attached in one unit. This option is perfect for large, spa-like master bathrooms where the tub is a separate part of the room.

With these shower enclosures, a special lip or tray is installed on the floor to hold water in and keep it pointed toward the drain. Most walk-in showers have beautiful glass around them to make them look and feel larger and more luxurious.

You can add stone or tile to the bottom of the shower to give it a high-end look. A large glass door typically covers the front and sometimes, both sides also have glass walls depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Curved Shower Enclosures

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower, consider a beautifully curved enclosure. This design is sleek and modern, and it features a curved front that gives the bathroom a contemporary look.

This design is also ideal if your bathroom is on the smaller side since it’s usually installed in a corner of the room. The curved glass lends it a unique look and a smooth, sleek appearance.

If you opt for a curved shower enclosure, a specially shaped glass or a sliding glass door can be installed. You may choose between a standard curve that has equal lengths on both sides or an offset curved enclosure that has one side longer than the other.

Tub Style Enclosures

Unlike a walk-in shower that has no bathtub, a tub enclosure includes the bathtub and shower fixtures in one. This option is the most common, and you can opt to install a glass door rather than a shower curtain.

When you choose a glass enclosure, it will make your bathroom feel larger and give the shower a sophisticated look. Choose a sliding glass shower door to make opening and closing it easier.

If you’re getting a new shower, find out about the different door styles that are available. Swing-out or hinged glass doors are easy to operate as are pivot doors, which allows the door to open in either direction.

Give Your Bathroom a Refresh

From a curved shower to a walk-in, there are plenty of shower enclosures to choose from that will breathe new life into your bathroom. Make sure you have the right layout design and choose high-quality glass that will keep your bathroom beautiful for years to come.

To find out more about our services including glass shower enclosures, contact us to get your free quote today.

  1. Taylor Abrams

    Thanks for sharing that the sleek and contemporary style of a curved shower enclosure with a curved front provides the bathroom with a new appearance. I feel like that enclosure will be against my personal choice which is a frameless shower door. I feel like it’s a super sleek, minimalist look that will complement my entire bathroom interior.

  2. Elle Jones

    I appreciate you mentioning how a curved shower enclosure with a curved front gives the bathroom a fresh look. It has a sleek, modern design. The enclosure, which I feel will go against my personal preference for a frameless shower door, seems to me. It has a modern, sleek appearance that I think would go well with the rest of my bathroom’s décor.

  3. Olivia Smart

    Thank you for explaining about tub enclosures. We’ve been wondering if we can use a glass shower door for our tub. I’ll be sure to pass this on to my husband since it seems like it is an option we can consider.

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