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A Crystal Clear Look at Commercial Glass Installation Options

March 17, 2021
commercial glass installation

Did you know that the appearance of your building has a large impact on the impression your customers have of you? When you make that first impression, it’s important to make it count!

The glass windows or elements of your business can add to the beauty of your building, whether you’re a store or a restaurant. Not only are they installed for cosmetic reasons, but for practical reasons as well.

Are you wondering about the different types of glass that you can get for your business? Let’s look at a variety of glass for commercial glass installation.

Annealed Glass

If you’re looking for simple and affordable glass, annealed glass is your best option. For its affordability, you do lose out on some qualities that other types of glass have.

It’s not as strong as its counterparts and when broken the shards are quite large. This can pose some safety risks to those inside the building if the window does break.

Overall, it’s a basic option that does its job. When enhanced, it creates other types of glass that are stronger as well.

Security Glass

Does your business have a storefront where products are on display? Security glass can be a great option as it’s one of the best options for protection from theft.

Unlike annealed glass, security glass will shatter into thousands of pieces, making it safer than other options. Its safety features can be enhanced with film to make it even more secure.

Its one downside is that it’s more costly than other options, but it can be very worth it.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass goes through a vigorous heating process which makes it stronger and more sturdy. While it is stronger, it’s not as strong as security glass and won’t protect from theft.

However, it does make a great option for businesses that are looking for great-looking glass. It can be used for windows, doors, and other areas within a commercial building.

Insulated Glass

For commercial building owners who are looking for glass that is beautiful and functional, insulated glass is a good option.

Using two plies of glass, it helps to regulate the temperature within the building. It can stop the heat or cold from escaping which is also great for energy savings.

If you have large windows that can allow air to escape, insulated storefront glass can be the best way to go.

Decorative Glass

Adding some style to your business can help it stand out among the crowd. Decorative glass is perfect for this reason. It offers so many customization options and allows you to create a unique look for your building.

While these aren’t windows meant for function, they will help for branding or creating an interesting look for your building.

Looking for Commercial Glass Installation?

Commercial glass services are important if you want to protect your business while having it look great. With many types of glass to choose from, there are so many options to fit your needs.

At Atlantic Glass, we’re proud to provide commercial glass installation to customers in the Wilmington, NC area.

Are you looking to have commercial glass installed at your business? Contact us today!

  1. Jeff Carbine

    When you said that the glass windows or elements of your business could add to the beauty of your building, I thought about remodeling the design of my office. And I believe that commercial tempered glass would solve the problem. It is now a matter of finding the best-tempered glass company in the business. Thank you for the information about tempered glass and how it will help my business.

  2. Vivian Black

    Thank you for pointing out that security glass is an option for protecting our business from theft. Even though it is more costly, I like the fact that it is safer. A good commercial glass company can help us out even more. This is important to us because we just purchased a small business in a more crime struck part of town.

  3. Greta James

    Thank you for explaining the different glass options for commercial buildings. My uncle just bought a new office building and he mentioned it needs some new windows installed. I think he would be smart to consult a professional to help him decide on the best glass for his needs.

  4. Mats Wolff

    My outdoor living room’s glass needs to be replaced because it is heavily scratched. It’s fantastic that you said that tempered glass undergoes a thorough heating process that makes it more robust and durable. To fit my glass and determine the best kind of glass for my home, I would need to see a specialist. Thank you for the safety and glass handling advice!

  5. Taylor Abrams

    I appreciate that you explained Whether you own a store or a restaurant, the glass windows or other components of your establishment may enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure. They are installed for both aesthetic and functional purposes. My brother just moved in to his new house and mentioned it needs some commercial glass installation and it’s just a matter of finding the best-tempered glass company. Thanks for helping me understand Commercial Glass Installation Options.

  6. Absolute Glaziers

    Amazing article! Will definitely be recommending this to my socials. My family and I have been working with glass & windows for well over 20+ years, it’s great to see another person/website talk up so much about my passion and inspiration! Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Taylor Abrams

    I like your explanation that, whether you own a restaurant or a store, the glass windows or other features of your business could improve the building’s visual appeal. They are put in place for both decorative and practical reasons. Finding the greatest Auto Sliding Glass Doors is all that’s required because my brother recently moved into a new home and indicated that it requires some commercial glass installation. I appreciate you explaining the Commercial Glass Installation Options to me.

  8. Taylor Abrams

    It really helped me when you said how insulated glass is a fantastic choice for building owners who want glass that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful. Our workplace needs new doors, and while we enjoy the design of commercial architectural glass doors, we are concerned that they could shatter. It is comforting to know that they have a long lifespan.

  9. Elaina D'Agostino

    Thank you for sharing the different types of glass that we can use for our windows. I liked laminated glass because, as you said, it is stronger than most alternatives and is very hard to shatter. If this is true, then businesses will also benefit from using this type of glass. If I ever start my business, I’ll use this for the storefront.

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