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Bathroom Mirrors: How to Choose the Best Mirror for Your Bathroom

March 24, 2022
bathroom mirrors

Did you know that both men and women will spend well over two years of their lives in the bathroom?

This is why you shouldn’t neglect this space. One of the items in a bathroom that can make or break the entire design involves the mirror. A mirror can affect the atmosphere, the perception of room size, and much more.

Are you stumped about what mirror is worth the investment? Keep reading to learn all about how to choose the best bathroom mirrors.

Measure to Get the Perfect Size

Before you start entertaining unique bathroom mirror ideas, you have to start with the basics. One of the most important factors to consider is size. If the mirror is too big, it can end up dominating the entire space.

A mirror that’s too small can make things feel claustrophobic. To avoid this, it’s crucial to take as many measurements as possible. For instance, you should measure the length of the wall, the length of the bathroom cupboard, the amount of space you have between lighting fixtures, and more.

As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure your mirror is about the same size as your vanity. That way, it can complement your glass shower enclosure instead of taking away from it.

Get Creative With the Frame

If you want the best bathroom mirror, it’s a good idea to avoid going overboard with the size. However, you can still choose an eye-catching frame to go with it.

There are all kinds of frame styles out there, so it’s easy to pick one that fits your aesthetic. From rustic to art deco, whatever you choose, make sure to keep the size in mind so that the frame doesn’t stick out beyond the bathroom cupboard.

Lights Can Enhance a Mirror

The look of your quality bathroom mirror can fluctuate based on the lighting you put around it. Your mood can fluctuate too.

Simply put, the lighting should light up a person’s face clearly but you also have some creative license. Sconces that flank the mirror are a popular choice. You can even get a classic Hollywood vanity mirror for bathrooms.

If you want a more modern look, then you might be surprised to learn that lights can be installed behind a mirror. That way, the light can come from the edges or even through openings that are placed within the mirror itself.

Are You Ready to Get the Best Bathroom Mirrors?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to choose the best bathroom mirrors, you can pick something with confidence. Your guests will be sure to give you many compliments about your choice.

To complete the beautiful look of your bathroom, we can provide you with the best glass shower enclosures on the market. We also have glass solutions for doors, windows, storefronts, and custom projects. We believe in quality and attention to detail.

If you want to know more or would like a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Tiff Gregers

    How helpful you talk about how a small mirror can make your bathroom feel too enclosed. I want to redo my bathroom this summer. I will also find a reputable shower glass enclosure installation service to help.

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