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Beautiful Glass Showers and Doors: 4 Ideas for Inspiration

March 14, 2022
glass showers

Did you know it’s estimated that the average person will spend a total of two years in the bathroom over the course of their lifetime?

While going to the bathroom is unavoidable, that doesn’t mean you can make the area as gorgeous to be in as possible. One of the best ways of doing this is by investing in frosted glass doors for showers. With so many different options, you might feel overwhelmed.

Are you wondering how you can decide? Keep reading to learn all about four ideas for inspiration when it comes to beautiful glass showers and doors.

1. Make It Spacious

When you invest in premium glass showers, you can make the shower feel almost like a room in and of itself. There’s no reason you should feel claustrophobic every time you want to take a shower.

By putting up a glass partition in a strategic location, you can get all the room you could ever need. Having a bigger glass shower can also make it easier to do other tasks, such as giving your kids or pets a good wash.

2. Frameless Doors

Installing frameless glass doors on your shower can add a whole new dimension. Not only does it look modern but it allows you to see more of the beautiful tiling beyond.

After spending so much money on the tiling, it’s worth making sure you and your guests can fully appreciate it every time you use the bathroom.

3. Fixed Glass Panels

Simply put, fixed glass panels can look much more elegant than a curtain. Adding frost to the glass can allow you to have privacy if other people need to use the bathroom.

As if that wasn’t convenient enough, fixed panels also double as easy-clean glass for showers. Instead of breaking your back trying to get the mold off of other materials, all you have to do is spray and wipe for the glass to look as good as new again.

4. Half Glass

Whether your beautiful glass showers are frosted or not, you can opt for a half-covering that is both visually striking and practical.

Instead of the shower and tub being separate and taking up more room, you can have half of the tub partitioned with glass and the other half open for people to get in. That way, it’s easy to have a bath or have a shower without water getting everywhere.

Are You Ready To Get Beautiful Glass Showers?

Now that you’ve learned all about four ideas for inspiration, you can end up with beautiful glass showers and doors you can be proud of. Your friends and family members will be dying to know where you got them from.

Atlantic Glass can outfit your home or commercial building with glass that is as durable as it is beautiful. From bathrooms to storefronts and beyond, we can handle a range of jobs with care and expertise.

Feel free to contact us and get a free quote. It’s always a pleasure to help out our customers.

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