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Window Repair near Me: How Much Does It Cost?

April 19, 2022
window repair near me

There’s a storm coming, and you’re frantically closing your windows to keep the rain out. 

Then it happens. The wind catches the frame, and the glass shatters with a crash. Now the rain is blowing inside, and you need a solution fast.

When you find yourself searching for a ‘window repair near me,’ you know you’ve got a problem.

Once you find a local glass repair company, the next challenge is finding out how much the repair will cost. Here are some of the main factors that affect window repair costs.

Type and Size of Window

Vinyl and aluminum windows are less expensive to repair than windows made from wood. A single-pane glass window is less costly to repair or replace than double-pane glass. 

A window repair company that caters to your needs will get the job done right. Storefronts often require glass in different styles and shapes, and the glass cost will vary. Commercial clients have specific customizations, so an experienced installer is essential.

What Needs Repairing?

The cost of glass repairs depends on the damage to the window. A cracked single-pane window may cost about 150 dollars. When you have multiple broken panes or the damage is to specialty glass, your repair will cost more.

A broken window isn’t always due to broken glass. The rollers on a sliding glass door may need replacing. The cost will depend on the size and style of your sliding door. For a standard sliding glass door, it may cost approximately 300 dollars to remove and replace the rollers. 

The sash may need repair, which may include replacing the balance springs. If your window is double hung, there are two balance springs to replace, so the repair will cost more.

Often a window repair company will provide an estimate that breaks down the repair cost. An example might be a cost of 185 dollars for the first sash and an additional 125 for the second sash.

Additional Costs to Consider

When a repair is urgently required, there is often an emergency call-out fee. The repair cost is higher due to the additional cost of labor for the serviceman.

Windows that are difficult to reach will cost more to repair, as will large windows, as they may require more than one laborer to perform the work safely. If a ladder is needed or roof access is the only way to get to the repair, there may be an additional equipment charge.

If your seal is blown on a double-paned window, you need a professional window repair as it takes skill and experience to fix it. If you have custom-made windows or your windows are antiques with special hardware, the cost of parts and labor can add up quickly.

Find a “Window Repair Near Me”

Googling the term “window repair near me” is a great way to find a local glass repair service. Atlantic Glass proudly serves Wilmington and the surrounding areas.

When you need a trained and experienced team, contact the professionals at Atlantic Glass. They’re the perfect choice for your commercial and residential glass repair needs.

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