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5 Tips to Creating Winning Glass Window Displays to Make Your Business Entrance Attractive

May 12, 2020
window displays

Imagine your window is the only thing customers know about your business. Does it tell them what you want it to?

Your shop window is like the book cover of your store – people judge you on it. It’s how they decide whether to come in or to walk on by, which plays a big part in your success.

So, it’s crucial you get it right. Take the time to work on your window displays to make an enticing entrance for your audience and you’ll soon see profits booming!

If you need a little help, take a look at our tips for your shop window display. 

Keep Your Glass Clean 

A lot of people’s first thought when creating store window displays is to jump in and start designing. But this actually isn’t the way to go.

Instead, start by looking at your glass. Is it clean? Are there any scratches or unsightly marks?

If your windows look run down and shabby, your display just isn’t going to work – no matter how good it is! Make sure you’ve got quality storefront glass that’s clean and clear before you start designing.

Focus the Eye

Once you’ve sorted your glass, it’s time to get to work on your store windows design ideas. First of all, work out your eye line. This is the area of your window that’s at eye-level for passers-by.

We recommend heading outside and actually marking this on with some tape. By doing this, you know where to place the main areas of your design, such as the focal products. 

Get the Lighting Right

Even the most creative, enticing window display will fall flat without the right lighting! Illuminate yours from within with LEDs. We recommend using an eco-friendly, energy-saving bulb, which can save you $75 every year

Avoid using lights that are too harsh or bright – these will actually put your customers off. Use your lighting to spotlight products, too, drawing the eye to make sure they’re noticed.

Go For a Theme

If you’re looking to create winning retail window displays, ideas should always be focused around a theme. You want your window to tell a story, engaging your potential customers.

For example, on Valentine’s Day avoid just hanging up a bunch of red hearts. Pick a theme, such as mending a broken heart. This could incorporate a large heart that’s stitched back together surrounded by some breakup products, such as pampering items or chocolate. 

Be imaginative, avoid cliches, and always tell a story. It’s the key to any good display!

Key Tips for Window Displays

  • Learn more about color psychology in retail to choose an effective color palette
  • Use seasonal or current events for theme inspiration
  • Reflect your brand values e.g. eco-friendly materials for an eco store
  • Why not go digital and pair your window displays with social media campaigns?

Get the Glass

Window displays are how you show off your brand to the world, so make them count! 

If you need a change of glass before you start redesigning your store window, get a free quote from our team at Atlantic Glass today.

  1. Michaela Hemsley

    Thanks for explaining that when creating a glass storefront, it’s important to make sure that it’s clean and doesn’t have any scratches or marks. I think it would also be important to make sure that it was professionally designed to fit your space. That way, customers could focus on what was inside instead of how the glass looked.

  2. Iris Smith

    The article’s discussion on how to make a window tell a narrative and draw in potential buyers is useful. I’m opening a clothes line business, and I’m now choosing the greatest winning glass for my store. I’ll engage a professional glass sketching service to seek their advice and ideas.

  3. Elina Brooks

    It’s good that you emphasized the importance of keeping quality storefront glass by making sure it is clean and clear since our window displays won’t work if our storefront glass looks run down and shabby. I am opening a restaurant later this year, so I need to install storefront glass for the commercial space to allow passersby to check out the interior from the outside. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for glass installers to hire for my restaurant’s storefront soon.

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