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Top 5 Warning Signs Your Glass Windows Need to Be Replaced

May 12, 2020

There comes a time in every house’s life when the windows need replacing.

It’s a big job, but it needs to be done. Replacing the windows is something that might seem expensive in the short-term, but it’s going to save you loads of money in the long-run. You just need to know when your current windows are past due.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the warning signs that your house gives you when your windows need to be replaced. When you replace your glass windows in your home, your quality of life will improve, so it’s best to get it done quickly.

1. They’re Visibly Weathered

The easiest way to tell if your windows need to be replaced is if they’re visibly damaged. When you notice cracks, warps, or cloudy windows, that probably means they’ve been in there for way too long.

Small scratches and chips can often be repaired if the windows are in generally decent condition, but time certainly takes a toll on them. If you’re noticing a lot of damage to multiple windows, it’s time to get new ones.

2. Noise Coming In

Worn down windows tend to let more outside noise through undeterred. When you’re clearly hearing the noise of cars during rush hour, school kids walking to school, and the crickets at night, it could be a variety of things.

Maybe you’ve got single-pane windows. They’re always going to let more sound in, but they also wear out a bit faster. Replace them with sturdy two-pane windows and you won’t even realize the outside exists.

3. Drafty

Another more obvious sign that your windows are too old is when you notice a draft coming through the glass. Again, older single-pane windows are way more susceptible to minor damage over time. As it adds up, you end up with breaches in the window, which lets air pass through.

If you get new windows installed, you can be sure that they’ll be able to keep you warm at night and help you maintain an eco-friendly household.

4. Energy Bills Too High

Speaking of eco-friendly, a good sign that your windows are causing you some trouble is a large increase in your energy bills. Drafty windows can cause an energy bill increase of anywhere between 10-25%, so you’re literally throwing money out the window by keeping your old windows around.

Window technology has come a long way in the last 15-20 years and we can now offer energy-efficient windows that have your wallet in mind. You want windows that can retain heat in the winter and keep the draft away as much as possible.

Call the Pros to Replace Your Glass Windows

If you need to replace your glass windows, contact Atlantic Glass. We’ve been servicing the Wilmington area’s window needs since 1995, so you can trust our handiwork. If you’ve noticed any of these 4 warning signs, then you know it’s time for a change.

Give us a call to speak to someone about your windows today.

  1. Levi Armstrong

    You made a good point when you said that I should have our glass windows replaced if they are visibly weathered because they have probably been damaged for way too long. There are some small scratches on some of our home’s windows, but I believe they are still repairable. I’ll contact a professional residential glass repair service soon and ask if our windows can still be fixed. Thanks!

  2. Shammy Peterson

    It caught my attention when you said that when your windows are visibly damaged, they should be repaired. As you said, this must be considered when there is a lot of damage to multiple windows. With this in mind, I will be sure to hire a professional that could replace our glass windows. My son and niece accidentally hit them with a ball while playing around the yard last Thursday, and what happened caused a lot of cracks in the windows. We don’t want the cracks to become a safety hazard.

  3. Charlotte Fleet

    I like how you stated that a draft coming from a closed window is an obvious sign that it needs to be replaced. My husband noticed that there is a draft that comes from a few of the windows on the top floor of our house. We will have to hire a professional window service to install new windows.

  4. Shammy Peterson

    You got my attention when you said that drafty windows could cause a bill increase between 10-25%. With this in mind, I will be sure to hire a professional that could have our window glass replaced since our energy bill has been increasing since August. This must be due to the cracks on both the glasses and the frames.

  5. Charlotte Fleet

    Thanks for mentioning how drafts coming through a window’s glass is an obvious sign to replace them. My mom has noticed a draft in our living room for the past week, and she can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Chances are that there is one window, if not more, that needs to be replaced, so I’ll suggest that she hire a professional to do so right away.

  6. Elle Jones

    When you indicated that your windows should be fixed if they are damaged, it drew my eye. As you mentioned, this needs to be considered when there is significant damage to several windows. In light of this, I will employ a specialist who can change our glass windows. On Thursday while playing in the yard, my son and niece unintentionally struck them with a ball, resulting in several glass breaks. We don’t want the fissures to pose a threat to public safety.

  7. Olivia Smart

    Thank you for pointing out how you may need to get your windows replaced if they’re drafty. My husband was telling me that he thinks there’s a draft in his office. I’ll have to check this out to see if the window needs to go.

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