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Custom Glass for Unique House Decoration

January 14, 2020
unique house decoration

Few materials can complement all decor styles the way glass can. From glass tabletops to elegant shower enclosures, glass can be an understated and powerful design tool with the ability to transform a room. 

Whatever your interior design style, custom glass elements can add freshness and sophistication. Looking for inspiration for unique house decoration ideas? Here are a few ways you can add beautiful custom glass decor to your home. 

Unique House Decoration Ideas with Custom Glass

Custom glass decor gives you a lot of freedom when updating your home. You can design the perfect piece for any room in the house. Here are some popular custom glass projects. 

Custom Mirrors

When you decorate with mirrors, you add light and depth to a room. No matter your interior decor style, mirrors can bring a sense of space and elegance.

Custom mirrors allow you to design the perfect piece to fit your home’s architecture and the rest of your interior decor. You can even add mirrors to an existing piece of furniture to give it a chic update.  

Custom Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are a great choice for dining tables, coffee tables, and end tables. They feel both modern and timeless and can open up space by reducing the appearance of clutter. 

A custom glass tabletop can be added to the table base of your choice. You can choose from a variety of unique shapes for your tabletop for extra personality and unique style. 

Custom Glass Shelving

Glass shelving is an elegant storage solution. By storing and displaying your items on glass shelves, you allow them to shine. Plus, glass shelving is easy to clean, making it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. 

Glass Shower Enclosures

Who doesn’t want to feel in the lap of luxury in their bathroom? Custom glass shower enclosures are an easy way to add a little spa-like glamor to your home. 

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have a significant effect on the overall appearance and feel of a room. Update your sliding glass doors with custom glass to give the room an instant facelift. 

Glass Cabinets

Glass could be the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen cabinets. Not only does it open up the area, but it allows you to show off any china or crystal you might be especially proud to display. 

Glass doors are also a great way to update other pieces, such as armoires and wardrobes. You can choose the type and style of the glass door that best fits your home and the function of the piece. 

Want to Add Custom Glass Decor to Your Home?

Custom glass pieces are a unique house decoration that makes a big style statement. You can’t go wrong with the timeless elegance of glass decor. Plus, custom glass allows you to create the perfect piece for your unique home. 

Want to know more about how you can use custom glass in your house? Please contact us today to learn how we can help. 

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