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5 Dangers of DIY Window Replacement

June 13, 2022
DIY Window Replacement

Installing a new window can cost up to $9,500. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, you might be considering doing a DIY window replacement.

But this could be more costly than paying for a professional window replacement service. 

Keep reading to discover five reasons you shouldn’t do window replacement projects yourself and leave it to the professionals. 

1. No Warranty 

If you do the window installation yourself, it could void your current warranty. You’ll want to check the paperwork on your existing windows to see if they’re still in warranty. 

If you do a DIY repair or replacement, this will count as an unauthorized modification. This will void your warranty, so if something happens to the windows, you’ll be in charge of replacing them on your own. 

Plus, there is no warranty on your installment once you do a repair job. There might be a manufacturer’s warranty on the materials, but you’ll want to check if that warranty is only valid if installed by professionals. 

If you make a mistake while installing the windows, you won’t have a warranty to protect you. However, when you have a professional install them, they should be covered by a warranty if anything goes wrong. 

2. Poor Installation

If you don’t have experience installing windows, you could have a window installed poorly. You’ll need to ensure that the insulation, frame, and trim are all in place.

If they’re not, you could have leaks, gaps, or rotting. This could lead your DIY experiment to be even more expensive. To avoid having something go wrong, you should have a service professional ensure that your windows are correctly installed. 

3. Building Codes

You’ll also have to keep building codes in mind when you’re fixing windows. You could have to pay huge fines, redo them when you want to sell your house, or have a bad structure in your home. 

If they’re not up to code, it could be easier for a burglar to break in. 

When you hire a window replacement company, they should be certified, which show that they know all the codes and can properly work on your windows. 

4. Limited Materials

You also may not have access to all the materials that a company would, like custom glass.

Instead, you’ll have to buy whatever you can find in stores. However, window companies can offer custom replacements, and they have access to more materials that the manufacturers make. 

5. More Costly

While you might be trying to save money, this could end up costing you more money. If you don’t install the windows right, you’ll have an inefficient indoor environment, which can drive up your energy bills

You’ll save money upfront, but you could be spending more in the long run.

Discover More Dangers of DIY Window Replacement

These are only a few dangers of DIY window replacement, but many more could happen when you do the project yourself. 

If you would rather have a service professional install them, you came to the right place.

Check out our window replacement service and contact us today to schedule a replacement! 

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