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How to Choose the Right Door Type for Your Shower Enclosure

August 24, 2020
the Right Door Type for Your Shower Enclosure

A minor bathroom remodel can give you 50% of your expenses back when you sell your home. Even if you’re not selling, most homeowners feel happier in their homes after upgrading a bathroom. 

Upgrading your tub or shower will make your bathroom more functional. 

The trouble is, deciding to replace the shower is only the beginning. You also need to choose the right door for your shower enclosure.

Luckily, the door depends on the type of shower you want and the amount of space you have. Read on to find out how to pick the right shower door. 

Think About the Type of Shower You Want

Before you can choose a shower door, you need to figure out what kind of shower you want. There are four different types of showers: combination tub shower enclosures, walk-in glass shower enclosures, standalone shower stalls, and barrier-free showers. 

Once you know what kind of shower your bathroom will have, that will inform your door choice. For example, barrier-free showers only have one fixed panel so you won’t need to choose a door at all. Combination tub showers can only have sliding doors. 

Know Your Options for Shower Doors

You can separate the different types of shower doors based on the way they move and whether or not they have a frame.

Framed doors feature a metal frame and were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and they’re still a more affordable option today. Frameless doors don’t have the bulky metal frame, so they have a more sleek and modern look. 

Sliding Doors

These doors sit in a track, with one fixed panel and one moveable door. They’re great for bathtub showers or walk-in showers in small bathrooms. Since the door stays fixed, they don’t take up any extra space when you open them. 

Hinged Doors

This type of door has a hinge on one side so the door can swing open. They’re common for both narrow stall showers and larger glass enclosures. You can also decide if you want the door to swing inwards or outwards. 

Round Doors 

This type of door features curved glass and can either slide or swing open. They’re most common in corner stall showers. They save space and they offer a unique design to your bathroom. 

Decide How Much Space You Have

Before you make a decision on a shower door, you’ll need to take some measurements. Most importantly, you’ll need to know how much clearance you have around your shower. That will tell you if you can pick a hinged door or a sliding door. 

You’ll also need to see if your bathroom layout fits with the type of door you want. For example, if your shower is close to your toilet a hinged door might not work. If you have a very narrow shower stall, a sliding door might not be an option. 

Install the Right Door for Your Shower Today

Bathroom renovations are exciting, but come with a ton of decisions. Choosing the right door in your shower will make your bathroom accessible and looking great for years to come. 

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, Atlantic Glass can give you the glass shower enclosure you’ve been dreaming about. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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