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How Are Solar Glass Windows Different From Other Types of Glass?

September 27, 2021
solar glass windows

If you haven’t transitioned to solar energy, you’re missing out on an optimal quality of living.

We know the talk of solar panels is bountiful. And while they’re incredible for the environment, there is a glass option that you’ll wish you knew about before this moment.

Solar glass windows can enhance your life, your mental health and shave a few dollars off of your energy bill. Not only are you contributing to the preservation of this earth, but you’re leading by example in your community.

Walking the walk is hard, especially in today’s economy. But solar glass is the ultimate form of putting money back into your pocket. And all you have to do is get them installed.

Keep reading to learn more.

Solar Tinted Glass

The beautiful thing about the future is that it’s happening all around us.

The concepts postured through years of research are finally applicable to our daily lives. Solar living means committing to conservation and conversation. The forefront of life as we know it is being held by the measures we’ve had to take to undo decades of damage.

Solar glass is drenched in a special coating that operates by reducing the amount of heat inside a building. As it reflects, it soaks up the sun’s rays and prevents a high glare. Solar glass is dynamic in that it can be used for roofing, windows, and skylights.

Having a glass roof or glass walls means the amount of natural light in your home is astounding. This means your plants are happier, your brain is happier and your wallet has a little pep in its step.

Imagine golden hour in your kitchen while you’re cooking for the family. And, picture yourself toasting to yet another low electricity bill. There’s no limitation on residential or commercial use. Large-scale, downtown buildings can utilize solar glass just as well as the cottage by the ocean.

So, you can stay cool and save money while at the office and home. 

Traditional solar photovoltaics are built on top of a structure whereas solar glass is built directly into the structure. Not only are you supporting our ecosystem, but you’re meeting your aesthetic needs in the process.

Glass structures are stark, beautiful, and hum with an elegant vibration. When you combine the incredible benefit of solar energy with design, you end up with solar glass, and you wonder how you lived this long without it.

Your New Solar Glass Windows

Solar glass windows can offer you a different approach to your daily life. With a natural glow and a cool environment, your space can finally have the touch-up that it needs.

And while the aesthetics are doing their part, you’re doing yours.

Out of all of the different types of glass available on the market, none perform, reduce and enhance the way that solar control glass does. If you’re ready to make the switch, connect with our website to schedule a consultation.

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